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Cats Communication: What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You?

Cats communicate through vocalization, communication, and scent markings. Cats that living far from humans have clear communication with each other through scent, facial expressions, complex visual communication, and touch.

Meowing is not a part of the natural cat language. As cats became more domesticated, meowing developed to understand the attention of humans.

Different pitches, intensity and volume of cats meowing reflect different emotional as well as physical requirements.

In general, your feline friend expresses herself with three different sounds: meows, murmurs, and howls.

Here’s what your cat is trying to inform you :

“Follow me” or “Show me attention”

A chirrup or trill is between a purr & a meow. It’s how cats greet one another or how mothers get kittens to follow her. The cats may have a touch TLC or are trying to lure you to where the food is.

“I want to hunt that”

When a cat sits at a window and chatters at a bird or squirrel, its sound is driven by a cat’s innate hunting instinct.

Some scientists suggest the chattering replicates the killing bite that cats use to need down prey.

“I’m happy”

Cats purr once they're relaxed and comfy. they’ll purr to appease themselves when they’re sick or injured. oftentimes, purring is accompanied by kneading a preferable blanket or human.

That's often a learned kitten behavior from once they kneaded their mother’s stomach to stimulate milk production.

“I’m not happy”

Yowling or long, repeated meows point to an unhappy cat. they are doing this for various reasons. Excessive yowling, especially early within the morning, could be due to your cat’s internal hunting clock set at that point and therefore the dissatisfaction of not having any prey to catch.

It could as well mean distress in older cats and signal that it is time for a visit to the vet.

If your cat is not spayed, she could also be howling because she is in heat.

“I’m frustrated”

Unlike dogs whose wagging tail in general means happiness when the cats wag its tail.

That means she's overstimulated or frustrated and wishes to be left alone.

“I’m focusing”

When a cat moves her tail slowly from side to side, something has caught her attention, and she or he or he's concentrated thereon.

“I’m happy to ascertain you”

A cat whose tail is delayed high, with ears and head also held high and whiskers pointed forward is being friendly.

Your cat could be signaling that she’s happy to concentrate on your voice and wishes some attention.

“I trust you”

When your cat exposes her belly, it’s getting to be very tempting to supply her a belly rub, but it’s usually not a superb idea unless you don’t mind many scratches on your hands – the bloody kind!

When a cat shows her belly, it’s a symbol of trust. within the wild, a cat would never show this type of vulnerability to a special animal that’s considered a threat.

It’s hard to resist cute, fuzzy bellies, though, so enter if you want to – just don’t stay too long!

Your cat may show another communication that you share with him or her. In any event, your cat won’t go unheard, so don’t ignore her!

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