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8 best hypoallergenic cat breeds

While there is no such thing as a 100% hypoallergenic breed, there are cats that shed little or no hair and dander compared to other breeds. These cause few allergic reactions and these breeds make them a wise choice for those who usually have bad reactions to pets. We recommend that you spend some time with a cat of the breed you wish to adopt before making your final choice, to ensure that this breed will not cause any problems for you or your family members. Here is our ranking of the 7 best hypoallergenic cat breeds and the reasons why they are winners for cat allergies.

1 - Sphynx

The sphynx is famous for its almost hairless, which gives it a unique appearance but also requires special care. If you are allergic, a sphynx may be the perfect cat for you. Allergenic proteins present in the cat's salivary glands cannot get trapped in the fur of a sphynx because they don't have any.

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2 - Cornish Rex

Most cat coats are arranged in 3 layers: the topcoat that covers (topcoat), the insulating coat, and finally the fluffy undercoat. The Cornish rex is only covered with the fluffy undercoat, which not only makes it a very soft cat but also means that it has less hair than other cats. As a result, it sheds much less hair and causes fewer allergic reactions.

3 - Devon Rex

The Devon rex shares the same type of coat as the Cornish rex, having only the down which is the undercoat of most cats. However, the Devon rex has even less hair than the Cornish rex, and therefore loses very little hair as well. Like Cornish rex, it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

4 - Oriental

The Oriental Shorthair has a short, fine coat and loses very little. For best results, your oriental should be brushed regularly. This helps to remove loose hair and further reduces the amount of hair loss.

5 - Russian Blue

Russian Blue does not have the coat properties that make it hypoallergenic, but it produces less Fel d 1, the protein secreted by feline skin and the worst enemy of most allergic people.

6 - Balinese

The hypoallergenic tendencies of Balinese follow the same principle as Russian Blue: its skin secretes less Fel d 1 which means it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

7 - Siberian

This may surprise many people… When you look at the long and silky fur of the Siberian, you can easily think that this breed is a nightmare for allergic people. However, like the Russian Blue and Balinese, the Siberian's skin produces less Fel d 1 than most other breeds, making it a hypoallergenic cat.

8 - Bengal

Many breeders and cat owners claim that Bengal has hypoallergenic properties. Although there is no evidence that it produces less Fel d 1, the main argument that it is less allergenic is based on its short, fur-like coat that sheds less hair than a normal cat's coat, which reduces the risk of causing allergic reactions.

There are many other hypoallergenic cat breeds out there, and if you still want more, use our cat breed directory to find your favorite.

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