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8 ways to say "I love you" in cat language

Do you sometimes say "I love you" out loud to your cat? "I talk to my two cats all the time, but they don't really seem to understand me, especially when I ask them to get off the kitchen counter or stop bothering the dog," my friend says. Of course, food and cuddling is a great way to show your cat that you care. But to really tell them "I love you", it can be interesting to master the basics of their language and understand their behavior. But then, how do you show your cat that you love him?

Cats communicate through scent, body language and physical contact. In other words, they understand your actions better than your words. With this in mind, here are eight ideas to help you say "I love you" to your cat.

1 - Caress him/her in the way he/she prefers

Have you ever noticed how sensitive cats are? A cat could sometimes do anything to get your attention and literally invade your lap or work table. But when you hold it in my arms, it moans and struggles. Cats all have their own preferences when it comes to being picked up. To tell your cat you love her, show her that you respect her limits and physical comfort.

Perhaps your cat enjoys scratching under her chin or vigorous petting on her hindquarters. Or maybe your cat doesn't like to be petted and simply prefers to lie on the couch next to you. Track your cat's reactions to the part of his body you're stroking. When he reacts calmly and affectionately, you've found his favorite spot!

2 - Fatigue him by playing with him

Mechanical mice are fun for your cat, but they don't really strengthen the bond between you two. You can say "I love you" using interactive games to awaken your cat's fearsome predator. Try 10-15 minute play sessions with a wand toy like the Da Bird. Interactive games are great for keeping your cat in shape.

For cats that are not too cuddly, playing is a good alternative for bonding. And for cats that love it, a good play session will tire them out enough to make them even more cuddly. Bingo!

3 - Offer him a shelter

Giving your cat a place to hide may seem like a rather paradoxical way to say "I love you". But it's all about making your cat feel safe, and safety is a key part of love. A cat tree with a compartment to hide in, a window perch, or a cozy kennel can offer your cat comfort and relaxation. Cats are easily stressed by any disturbance in their environment, so it is important to ensure that they have a place of their own where they can feel safe.

Once your cat has its own shelter, respect its moments of solitude. You can show him tons of affection when he's ready to wander around, but if he's napping in his cozy corner, leave him alone. Sometimes the best way to show your cat that you love her is to give her space.

4 - Try the leeeeent winking

In chat language, looking directly and intensely into the eyes is considered threatening. On the other hand, a gentle look accompanied by a slow blink indicates relaxation and security. You can say "I love you" to your cat by looking at it with a relaxed look and slowly lowering your eyelids. Your cat may even respond by blinking slowly to say she loves you too!

5 - Give yourself one or two small headbutts

Do you frequently receive small headbutts from your cat? It's not just a sign of affection: when your cat does this, it deposits pheromones from the scent glands on its head. And for cats, scent marking is an important way to signify that something or someone is safe.

When your cat "tags" you, he or she is showing a high degree of confidence. And although you don't have the same scent glands to deposit pheromones on your cat, she can still sense your scent when your heads touch. Sharing your smells is another way to show your cat that you love her.

6 - Let him sniff you and lick you.

Cats don't just leave their own scent behind. They also soak up the scent of their environment and the other creatures in it… including you! By letting your cat sniff you, you're saying, "Let's get to know each other a little better".

Licking is similar: cats get a lot of information from taste. Moreover, licking is a sign of affection. You can strengthen your relationship by giving your cat a blanket or T-shirt that you have worn with your scent. For some cats, there is no better declaration of love than a little dirty laundry.

Smell is also a good way to greet a new cat that you would like to win the affection of. Before going to a pet, hand him something that carries your scent and give him all the time he wants to examine it. A cap or hat will do the trick. Once the animal has taken a good sniff of the object in question, offer your hand to sniff it. If it is ready to be petted, it will let you know by rubbing its head against your hand.

7 - Give him treats.

Positive reinforcement training is not just for dogs! Cats also respond to rewards for good behavior. You can even train a cat with a clicker, to teach it to behave well instead of, for example, bothering the dog.

When your cat behaves as expected, make a quick "click" and give her a reward. For more tips on how to train your cat to clicker, you can read this article from the Omlet website. Training helps strengthen the bond between cats and their owners. And of course, what better way to say "I love you" than with a delicious treat?

Just be careful not to "over-reward" your cat: keeping her healthy is another way to show your love.

8 - Have a good time together

The best declaration of the love you can make to your cat is to make sure she stays happy, healthy, and safe. And the best way to do that (aside from food, shelter, and veterinary care, of course) is to spend time with your cat every day. Cuddle, play with him, or take a nap with him to show him that you care about him.

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