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9 fascinating things about Bengal cats

Are you looking for an affectionate feline who is not only interested in long naps on your lap? Do you know the impressive Bengal cat? These cats are extraordinary companions, but they will never cease to surprise you.

Here are some surprising facts about these wild-looking hybrid cats.

1 - Bengal has wild origins

The Bengal breed was obtained by crossing small Asian leopard cats with domestic cats, creating the "wild" profile that is so coveted today (but taking away its natural aggressiveness).

Bengals were originally bred by Jean Sudgen Mill in the 1960s and were officially recognized by TICA (International Cat Association) in 1991.

2 - They are not small delicate things

Although they are not as large as the Maine Coon, Bengal cats are nevertheless athletic and endowed with powerful muscles. In general, a Bengal weighs between 3.5 and 7 kilos.

Their coat is characterized by mottled, marbled, and rosettes, which gives them the exotic look of a "jungle cat". The Bengal is the only breed of cat with a rosette pattern. These spots can be of different colors, including rust, chocolate, and black.

3 - Bengals are full of energy.

These feisty felines have the energy to spare and are almost always "on the go". They are generally on their guard, a trait inherited from the survival instinct of their wild ancestors.

Bengals love to play with their human companions and will not hesitate to vocally express their desire to interact with you. They are even known to be able to do silly things (for example, hide jewelry) just to get the attention of their masters.

4 - They love water

The Bengals have a rather exceptional penchant for water games. It is not uncommon for a Bengal cat to join its owner in the shower!

If you own one of these playful cats, perhaps you can consider installing a motion detector faucet or a pet fountain so that your pet can drink at will.

5 - Bengals have "glittery" fur.

Depending on the lighting, the fur of a Bengal cat may appear surrounded by an iridescent halo. This characteristic, also known as "glittery", gives the impression that its coat has been sprinkled with golden stardust. Most admirers of this breed agree that this unique trait further enhances the natural beauty of the Bengal.

6 - Two are better than one

Bengals need regular interactions to be fully developed. These sociable animals love to spend time with their owners, so if you are at work most of the day, consider adopting a second cat. Bengals love having a playmate.

Be careful though: if you don't pay enough attention to your Bengal or don't spend enough time interacting with it, it will discover (read: "destroy") things to take care of itself. Simply don't ignore it to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

7 - Bengals are very easy to educate.

The Bengal breed is of exceptional intelligence. Bengal cats love to learn to do new things and can be clicker trained to obey simple commands, such as fetching a toy. It is even possible to teach them to walk on a leash with their owner!

These cats need mental stimulation, so it is important to offer them challenges in the form of toys and interactive bowls.

8 - They need to gain height

For a Bengal cat, it's upstairs where everything happens. As good at climbing as they are at jumping, they love to explore the heights. This information is most useful when it's time to prepare your accommodation for the arrival of a Bengal!

9 - Bengals are born hunters.

they are hunters as enthusiastic as they are gifted. Like their leopard ancestors, they are especially skilled at fishing, so watch out for your goldfish!

This powerful predation instinct makes them less reliable companions in families with smaller animals such as hamsters, rabbits, or guinea pigs. Think about this if you are considering adopting a cat of this breed.

If your heart is ready to welcome this unique cat, there is no doubt that you will receive in return a mountain of affection and unforgettable moments. This breed is certainly not the least difficult to maintain, it is true, but with it, you are sure not to get bored!

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