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The best time to adopt a cat

We're not going to hide it, we know very well that you love those little hairballs that purr, but how do you know when is the best time to adopt one? You might think that there is no particular "right time".

On the contrary, don't let yourself be seduced too quickly by those big bright eyes. It's best to consider things calmly and choose the best time to make sure you're ready to commit to everything that adopting a cat entails.

If you want to get a kitten or cat, timing is crucial to ensure that it will adapt quickly with as little stress as possible.

It is always better to adopt a cat when you are settled in your home with no intention of moving. If you move a lot, your cat will probably be disoriented and will try to return to your old addresses.

Avoid during the vacations

Certain periods of the year are less recommended for adopting a cat, especially around Christmas. During these periods, we are often too busy, and houses quickly become chaotic.

A new home is scary enough for a cat, so it is best to keep it quiet at home when you bring your kitten home. Moreover, during holiday periods, we tend to cover the house with various decorations.

Flickering lights and tinsel are temptations that a kitten won't be able to resist, but they also pose a risk of electrocution or choking.

Choose a quiet day to bring your new cat home.

If possible, arrange to take your cat home at the beginning of the weekend. If you have children, bring him/her home when they are at school so that this new arrival can take place peacefully.

By leaving you the whole weekend, you will have more time to stay with your cat and take care of him in his new home.

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