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Australian Mist Cat Breed History, Appearance, character, Health & more

The Australian Mist, also called the Australian Veil Cat, is the only cat breed on the Australian continent. Bred from Burmese, Abyssinian, and a domestic cat, the gentle and trusting cat breed is excellent as an apartment cat. The Australian Kitty owes its name to the typical coat pattern, which looks as if it were covered by a light veil.

Australian Mist Character

Given the choice of going outside to hunt mice or staying indoors with their humans, the Australian Mist always chooses the latter. At least, that's what this Australian house cat is said to be. In fact, the sociable and people-oriented velvet paw is very well suited for apartment living, because the company to her humans or to other cats is enormously important to her. So important that she would even give up her freedom for it. However, this does not mean that the Australian Mist would lie lazily in the cat basket all day - on the contrary. The strong muscular cat is very active and playful. If it is kept exclusively indoors, a climbing and scratching post, as well as sufficient space indoors, are essential.

Sociable apartment cat with the childlike disposition

The bright and curious cat definitely needs space to play and explore. Even though she naturally becomes a bit calmer in her old age, the Australian Mist retains her childlike disposition throughout her life. She loves to explore every nook and cranny, romp around, climb and play. A household with children is therefore naturally very suitable for her. But also with seniors living alone or in a couple's household, the Australian Veil Cat feels visibly at home. Thanks to her sociable and uncomplicated nature she is very adaptable and fits in well everywhere after a normal settling-in period. However, she likes being alone less - the Australian Mist is much too sociable for that. If you are away from home a lot for work, it is better to get more than one cat. Playing with other cats is just as much a part of this cat's life as spending time with her humans and will certainly distract her from her boredom in your absence.

Australian Mist Appearance

You can see the Australian Mist's joy of movement and her lively nature. She looks attentively and expectantly at her counterpart from large, expressive eyes. Her strong muscular body with a broad chest and slightly stocky legs seem ready for a little game of movement at any time. Her medium-length legs, which are slightly longer in the back than in the front, appear strong and athletic. The medium-sized domestic cat weighs 3-6 kg, with males usually larger and heavier than females.

Typical feature: The coat covered by the mist.

In keeping with its overall appearance, the Australian Mist has a broad, round head with a strong whisker pad and a prominent chin. With its wide-set, medium-sized ears, which are slightly tilted forward and taper to a rounded tip, the cat's large eyes are somewhat reminiscent of an ocelot. This is not least due to their pretty coat pattern, to which the veil cat also owes its name. The short and silky shimmering coat of the Australian consists of three different color layers: 1. the base color, 2. a delicate, darker pattern, and 3. the so-called "Misted Coat", which makes the underlying pattern appear slightly veiled by the ticking pattern. Translated, the English breed name "Australian Mist" therefore also means "Australian mist". And also the German name "Australische Schleierkatze" is due to the characteristic coat coloration of this cat breed.

In terms of color, the veil cat comes in seven different varieties:
  • Brown (black drawing)
  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • Lilac
  • Gold (Cinnamon drawing)
  • Peach (Fawn drawing)
  • Caramel
By the way, until 1998 the breed was called "Spotted Mist". With the approval of brindle and marbled coat markings, the breed name was finally changed to "Australian Mist".

Australian Mist History

The pretty appearance and the well-balanced temperament of the barn cat are by no means accidental. When Australian breeder Dr. Truda M. Straede began crossing Burmese, Abyssinian, and domestic cats in 1976, she had a clear goal in mind: to create a new short-haired and spotted cat breed that would have an extremely calm disposition and be well-suited for apartment living. With the help of the three cat breeds Burmese, Abyssinian, and spotted domestic cat, Straede hoped to achieve this goal. In fact, characteristics of all three breeds are evident in today's Australian Mist: the people-orientation and conformation of the Burmese, the temperament and ticking pattern of the Abyssinian, and the tabby (spotted) pattern of the spotted domestic cat.
The purposeful crossing of the three breeds in the ratio of 50 percent Burmese plus 25 percent Abyssinian plus 25 percent spotted domestic cat turned out to be very successful. 10 years later, in 1986, the resulting new cat breed "Spotted Mist" was officially recognized in all Australian states.

Breeding and distribution

The breeding of this comparatively young cat breed is concentrated in Australia and New Zealand until today. Although the Australian Mist is increasingly making a name for itself outside its homeland in Europe and the USA, recognition by other cat associations or the establishment of larger breeding facilities on the European or American continent have so far failed to materialize. To find a purebred veil cat outside Australia is therefore not easy. Most likely, interested people will find them in Great Britain, although in most cases they are cats that have been imported from Australia to Europe.

Health and breed-specific diseases

Unlike some overbred breeds, the Australian Mist, whose breeding has so far been concentrated in Australia, does not suffer from any breed-specific diseases. The breed is considered to be very healthy and robust. An age of 15 years and older is not uncommon. Of course, the Veil Cat is not immune to typical "cat diseases". Diseases of the upper respiratory tract or a bacterial infection in the stomach and intestines can not be excluded. In the case of outdoor cats, there is also an increased risk of parasite infestation. Vaccinations against cat cold, cat epidemic, rabies, and leucosis are therefore highly recommended, especially for cats that are also given a free run. Please talk to your veterinarian about which vaccinations are important for your cat and when they need to be done.

Care and nutrition

Not only vaccinations but also species-appropriate care and nutrition, contribute to the health of the cat to a great extent. Those in the know know that this does not have to involve a lot of work. Fortunately, the fur care of the short-haired Australian almost takes care of itself. However, every now and then you should remove the dead hairs with a cloth or a soft brush.

A large part in the well-being of your cat has a healthy diet. High-quality cat food with a high meat content is the right choice for your Australian Mist. Too much grain and carbohydrates should be avoided, as cats cannot utilize them optimally. Also, never give your cat any of your food. This is usually too greasy and too strongly seasoned for the sensitive gastrointestinal system of the four-legged velvet paws.

In addition, pay attention to the annual preventive checkups with your veterinarian. Cats often show possible complaints very late and suffer silently at first. To be sure that your Australian Mist is healthy all around, it should therefore be regularly checked by a specialist.

Husbandry of an Australian Mist

The Australian Mist is in many ways easy to care for - not only in terms of its coat or food but also in terms of its housing requirements. She does not need a huge garden or outdoor access for several hours but also arranges herself very well with pure apartment keeping. The prerequisite for this, however, is that she is allowed to spend a lot of time with her humans or is even given conspecifics as playmates at her side. Australian veil cats are extremely social animals, which need contact with other living beings more than a big house or oversized climbing trees. If you are on the road a lot and are looking for an independent cat that will spend most of the day roaming the neighborhood alone, this cat breed is a poor choice.

For whom is the Australian Mist suitable?

The Australian cat is undoubtedly an uncomplicated and very sociable pet, which can adapt well to the life of their people. However, she comes into her own especially with cat lovers who have time and joy to spend with her and who appreciate the hours spent together as much as she does. She will also be happy with one or more other cats in the house, with whom she can play and explore as she pleases. Because even if she appreciates human closeness more than anything else - the Australian Mist is still far from being a "sofa lion". The curious cat loves to explore new things and "work off" on a scratching and climbing tree. Therefore, also provide enough variety in the form of cat toys and exercise games. This is especially important for cats that are kept indoors a lot or even exclusively. Of course, you can also accustom your Australian Mist to a daily outdoor walk. However, the human-oriented kitty will probably always spend most of her time within the four walls at home, close to her owners.

Where can I buy an Australian Mist?

A cat, which is gentle, trusting, and people-oriented, which looks pretty and is also suitable for housing, understandably has many fans. However, the desire for a purebred Australian Mist will be fulfilled by very few of them - unless they live in Australia or New Zealand. Although the increasing popularity of the cat breed suggests that breeders in Europe will soon take on this special breed, but who wants to fulfill the desire for a cat soon, should look around for another breed first, if necessary. Maybe you will be lucky and find a cat that is at least "partly" an Australian Mist. Talk to cat breeders and check out the shelter to see if you can find a cat that comes closest to what you have in mind.

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